(2023) Documentary Short - 9:09

Artist Layqa Nuna Yawar is one of the millions of immigrants who calls the New York tristate area home. For many, that journey begins at Newark Liberty International Airport. In one of the largest public art projects since the days of Roosevelt, the airport commissioned the Indigenous Ecuadorian artist to create a colossal new mural reflecting the history of New Jersey as they celebrate the opening of a new arrivals terminal. Now on PBS.

Directed by Sam Vladimirsky and Cody Ball
Produced by Sam Vladimirsky
Cinematography and editing by Cody Ball
Original score by John Zarcone
Assistant Producer Tricia Cenit
Music performed by Rita Andrade Tara Atkinson Giosuè Greco and John Zarcone
For Port Authority Benjamin Feldman & Thomas Pietrykoski
For Public Art Fund Christine Zheng
For Munich Airport NJ Nicole Vlades & Chris Liese
Special thanks to Karyn Olivier and Sam Rauch