Cody is a director and cinematographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His documentary style is guided by the desire for context, heart, and intimacy.

He has lensed documentaries for Netflix, BBC, Vice, Paramount+, PBS, & Vox, and has screened his work at film festivals across the US and UK. His branded projects have earned recognition by Adweek, Digiday, Gerety and Cannes Lions.

Cody’s background in sound design and editing informs how he shoots--with an awareness of how each decision contributes to the larger picture. However, don’t be alarmed if he takes out a recorder and starts capturing strange audio for his collection.

Cody is a proud member of the Documentary Cinematographers Alliance, and the Video Consortium, where he is putting effort into programs and initiatives that support the documentary community at large. Currently, he is part of a small team running a global documentary mentorship program sponsored by Sony.

Lastly, he is an FAA Certified commercial drone pilot.



-Canon C500 Mark ii, Full Frame
-Canon C70
-4x IDX C98 Vmount batteries
-6x Canon BPA30
-4x Sony
Tough 256GB CFExpress Cards
-3x V90 ProMedia 256GB SD
-Zacuto Baseplate w/ VCT plate
-Shape Extension Arm

-Sigma Art 18-35 f/1.8
-Canon L 24 f/1.4
-Canon L 35 f/1.4
-Canon L 50 f/1.2
-Canon L 24-70 f/2.8
-Canon L 70-200 f/2.8

-Canon L 24-105 f/4
-Tilta Mirage Matte Box
-Black Pro Mist
-Circular Polarizers

-Sachtler Flowtech 75 tripod legs
-Sachtler Aktiv8T fluid head
-Easyrig Minimax
-E-image GH06 Tripod Head + GA752 Legs
-Sirui Monopod
-Thinktank Video Transport 18
-Thinktank Production Manager 40

-Ronin RS2 Pro
-RS2 Follow Focus
-RS2 Raveneye

-Accsoon Cine Eye II Wireless video transmitter
-iPad Mini as receiver
-SmallHD 502 Bright

-2x Sennheiser G4 Wireless Lav transmitter and receiver
-2x Tram TR50
-NTG5 Shotgun
-NTG3 Shotgun
-Boom Pole & Gobo Head for interviews

-Zoom H4N

-Aputure 120dii
-Aputure Lightdome ii w/di
ffusion and grid
-2x Aputure B7c Bulbs
-Aladdin RGB 24x12” LED mat
-Aladdin Softbox
-2x RGB Nanlite Pavotubes
-7” Bi-color Quasar Q-lion
-Blackwrap, various clamps
-SKB hardcase